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Leipzig - A Christmas Tale

Known as hometown of Bach, Leipzig has much more to show to its tourists, especially around Christmas. Walking in old town, you have the chance to enter old passages (Mädler, Speck Hof..) which still keep the footprints of Goethe, Leibnitz, Mendelssohn, Schiller and many more...When you come by train you will be impressed by the largest station in Europe and by the Christmas decorations which made it look like a fairy land. If you have time, take your partner, put on your best dress and tuxedo, and enjoy a concert in Gewandhaus or Opera. If not, just try the finnish glogg in a tent in Augustusplatz where you can see both buildings. But be sure to make a little time to go up on Panorama Tower to see what your eyes cannot see from the street level. And if you feel cold and thirsty for the place history, take a trip in time in Stasi museum.

Friday, 06 December 2013