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El Alma Roja

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Flor Roja

Have you ever wonder what is the color of your soul? Mine is red, for sure...since childhood, this color is coming obsessively into my life...I remember someone asked me what is my favorite color...and I picked one quickly: red...roja...rouge...and since then, a random choice has become the most constant option in my life.

In my ecstatic or melancholic reflections, I imagine my soul is a red flower, very fragile, but strong at same time...as the roja flowers of Palma...Sometimes I think what if every red flower is a little soul of someone ? Do red flowers have their own soul too? What if I am nothing but the soul of a red flower, too fragile to resist this hostile world ?

And what is the role of our soul ? I saw a movie where a photographer (woman) sold her soul as a conceptual declamation. What can be a strong motivation to lose our soul ? Some people do it to fulfill some dreams, maybe even some other people dreams...

Roja es mi alma...como la pasion en mi corazón...no quiero perderla nunca...

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