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2018 - Blank Wall Gallery - Fine Art Exhibition

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Red Dress - Fine Art Exhibition

In February 2018 I had the privilege to have one of my dearest photos exhibited in Athens, in Blank Wall Gallery. The photo is titled "Red Dress" and is taken in Louvre courtyard in June 2013.

The exhibition was open between 2nd February 2018 and 15th February 2018, in Athens, 55 Fokionos Negri Street.

"Fine Art" exhibition, hosted by Blank Wall Gallery, feature the works of 100 artists from around the world. The visitors of the gallery will have the opportunity to see how each artist understands the world around them and presents it in their own way through their photographic lens. The product of this process is often strange and beyond the ordinary, but this is one of the reasons why this kind of photography appeals to the viewers. It is not necessary to agree with the result, yet interest in every case remains the same, giving the viewer the opportunity to see how each photographer perceives the world that surrounds them.

Below are some images from the exhibition opening:

More info on Blank Wall Gallery website

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