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Casanova Syndrome

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casanova syndrome

"Borderline Personality Disorder in males is sometimes referred to as the Casanova Disorder and it is one of psychiatry’s best-kept secrets. There may be several reasons for this. Perhaps because the behaviour/symptoms in males, which are nearly identical to those in women, are considered more accepted by the culture therefore making it more difficult to recognise and to diagnose."

"It is referred to as the Casanova Disorder because these men tend to be highly romantic, and addicted to love, seduction, and sex.

This disorder is believed to originate, at least in part during infancy or early childhood, and involves an abusive or emotionally neglectful mothering or primary caregiver.

The mother may be depressed, distant, or simply disinterested her male child. As an adult the male borderline is searching for the female nurturing and affection which he never received as a boy. This is not to negate the biological or genetic component that also seems to play a role in the development of this disorder."

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I had a friend with this disorder. Well...he still has it and he enjoys it, but because of this he created his own world based on lies...He said he can handle up to 4 relationships at the same time without difficulty...but with what amount of lies and dishonesty? He also said he likes smart women...but seriously, which smart woman can stay in such kind of prostitution and love fraud? Therefore, even he is a very smart guy, he accepts all kind of women with a certain pattern, from flight attendants, McDonald’s girls to lawyers with no emotional intelligence. All his life revolves around romance and seduction and love affairs...

My mind refuses to believe that this is the typical male...so I would rather believe he needs professional help...unfortunately, he won't realize that until it will be too late...

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