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To be or not to be...good

Written by Card Photo on .

This is the question of the century...what is our motivation to be good or bad ? honest or liar ? what is right and what is wrong ? and how to distinguish between these two?

In childhood, we all learnt that we have to be good...we have to do this and that because of that and this...and we took this for granted. Well...not all...but we, common people, we have this educational paradigm: we have to be good, we have to do good to live good etc. What about the people who do bad ? those who use and abuse other people ? those for whom lying is a second nature ? those for whom being honest is a virtue or utopia and thus never reached ? What were they told when they were kids ?

I believe that being good or being bad is not about what we have been told in childhood. Is about how we are, deep inside, regardless of what we have been taught. Some people are born to be good, and some are born to be bad. And sometimes, the line between is so thin...similar to the line between love and hate.

And I do not believe that people really change...circumstances yes...but not deep what we are. Although I'd like to change this in me...because nowadays being good is just a measure of how stupid you are...so I wonder once again: is good to be bad ? or is bad to be good ?

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