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Virtual Mariachi

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Virtual mariachi

I never saw a real mariachi. I only heard about them in movies or in the books I read in childhood. But where are they nowadays ? Did they disappear ?

No, they didn't. They still live among us, in disguise. They adapted their instruments to the virtual world: using words instead of sounds, writing instead of playing guitar, facebook and blogs as serenades...Is all about exposing their feelings, even when those are not even real or long-lasting...showing the world how great is their love, when the deep meaning of this word is hardly known...is about "making happy" a certain woman, even though they did the same not so long ago for another woman...doing all the romantic stuff because they "have to", when the truth is they don't even have a heart...They use words like "te voy amar para siempre" or "te necesito todos los dias" but having difficulties remembering the person shortly after, making useless statements which they deny or simply forget in a couple of days, moving on to "make happy" another woman and blog about their "unique" love in facebook or joomla or wordpress...and looking back to an old blog he can only say "it was an emotion I could not handle"...I guess is easier to handle the emotion of non-existence of the persons they abused...

This is the virtual mariachi: blogging about his "unique" love, but changing the blog and the "unique" love every now and then...yet again the blog is more omportant than the person, because is all about their "romantic feelings" and "emotions" at a certain time and not about the person they blog about...

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