The Fall of the Memories

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Autumn is when the memories fall...when looking back to the year almost ending, we decide which memories we take forwards to the winter, as a Christmas gift...

Because we all deserve a Christmas, little or grown-ups, good or bad. And we all deserve Christmas gifts, even if sometimes they are as simple as a good thought or a good word or even only a photo of a nice place...

Some time ago I was thinking that I found a solution to escape the "bad" memories, of things we did in the past and we regret in the present...and the solution was to re-write the memories...doing something different in the same place that brings "bad" thoughts, or just seeing the place through another perspective...Now, I do not want to re-write memories, neither good nor bad. I want to keep them all, as a constant reminder of who I am. But I want to remember everything as in the moment it happened. If I was happy then, I want to rememebr it as a happy memory...if it was something unique, then I want to keep it unique...

But how to achieve this ? Stop the time ? Erase the people who attempt to murder our most precious memories? Ask them nicely to leave our memories untouched at least after they walked away from our lives without giving the dignity of a fair ending?

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