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Black Forest Frankenstein

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Henbach Frankestein from Schwartzwald / Mexico

I always wondered if Frankenstein's nameless monster had a heart? I guess not. He is obviously the proof that is possible to live without a heart, as many other who consider themselves as humans but they fail to show it.

Recently I discovered some creative side of me which shows into my photography. But I realize that even before that, my creativity was working without my knowledge and my consent, therefore I created some kind a heartless monster. I am not talking here about genetics, I am far of being a monster myself even for those who hate me. I am talking more about Isaac Asimov's approach of being Frankenstein, he feared that robots created by humans and gifted with artificial intelligence might turn back to their own creators to destroy them. This is the reason why we have first law of Robotics: "A robot may not harm a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm." So...we're safe with robots, we only have to fear people...especially those we teach, we show, we give them our time when time is the most precious resource that we have, we share our knowledge, our thoughts, our inner side, our advices and our shoulder, our empathy and compassion...our best. Those who take from us everything we have to offer but giving in return nothing or even worse...and eventually turn against us just like the nameless monster from Shelley's dream...

Remember: whenever you create something, even is just a photograph, put heart to fill in the empty spaces...

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