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Dashing Thoughts - d'Oana Rotariu

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Why I am not a Facebook fanDashing Thoughts - d'Oana Rotariu

I'd like to introduce a guest invite for our blog, a dear friend and former highschool mate, but also a partner for Card-Photo. Her name is Oana Rotariu, a very talented writer and a special person, thoughtful and insightful, but also life loving and contagiously exuberant, despite all the hardships of life that she had to surpass.

She writes mostly in Romanian, but even with a translator, you will get the essence of her deep "dashing thoughts" to enlighten your day.

Thank you, Oana! I am happy to read your thoughts and to see some of them illustrated with my photography!


And here is a small sample extracted from her blog: Do you know?


Do you know? Do you?

You never asked me what I wanted to answer.

You have not given my soul a chance to tell you everything it knew and it wanted to tell you about myself.

We always talked about adorned nothings, wonderful frustrations that find their road in meaningless and pointless words.

But what I wanted to say, what I could say so to caress your insides as I did always do in my thinking, at the outside, always remained untold.

And I'm afraid it will remain untold forever ... because you really know, actually ...

Do you know? Do you?


Click below to read more from Oana Rotariu's blog.

Dashing Thoughts d'Oana Rotariu

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