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2015 - "Dragobetele saruta fetele" - Photo Exhibition Bucharest

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Stolen Kiss

Dragobete, the traditional lovers’ day in Romania, is celebrated on February 24th, ten days after the Western European and American counterpart Valentine’s Day.

I am inviting you to a photo exhibition on this thema, between February 22nd and March 15th 2015, at Village Museum in Bucharest, where I am happily one of the exhibitors, with a photo titled "Stolen Kiss".

The Dragobete traditional story goes that, clothed with holiday suits, young men and women meet in front of the church and go searching the woods and meadows for spring flowers. They sit around fire on the hills of the village and talk. At noon, the girls run to the village, each followed by one boy who had fallen for them. If the boy is fast and reaches the girl of his choice and if she likes him, she kisses him in front of everyone. This tradition triggered the expression “Dragobete kisses the girls!” (Dragobetele saruta fetele). The kiss show the two lovers’ engagement, Dragobete being an opportunity to show the love in front of the community. (read the whole story on http://www.romania-insider.com/dragobete-lovers-day-the-romanian-way/19354/)



More info: http://orasul.ro/expozitiifoto/view/dragobetele-saruta-fetele-2015.html

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