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Flower's Shadow

Written by Card Photo on .

My photography means something to me. It evokes memories, feelings, sometimes very powerful. But I had no idea it can touch other people. Last evening I found this out, thanks to Michelle Certonio who saw my photo on G+. She told me my photo inspired her to write a song and you can find below the lyrics and the photo which I titled "Flower's Shadow". She transformed a simple photo into a visual poem! I can't thank you enough, Michelle!

Echo of a Smile

Echo of a smile
thoughts of your lips
as they kissed mine
how could I feel 1st love
after loving others
I can still taste you
feel your body on mine
even tho it has been
what seems like
a lifetime since I held you
smiled at your smile
I'm out of my mind
at thoughts of holding
you again so close
this time no walls
embrace love and acceptance
the art of being ALIVE
my body electric
just feeling your vibe
your essence your smile
I walk miles
to feel you again.

Tags: smile echo mirror shadow poem visual poetry