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I don't believe in miracles

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Nice Cote d'Azur

I don't believe in miracles...do you know that sarcastic saying that "any miracle won't last longer than 3 days"?

All our lives we try to believe in something magic and search for it, always in the quest of miracles...what if miracles are just illusions or creation of our minds ?

Regardless of the word we use for it, be it "magic" or "meaningful coincidences" or "happy accidents" or "synchronicity" or "serendipity", we all start our lives believing that there is magic because of the stories we are told, later cartoons, movies, or even Disneyland are trying to convince us magic exists...As soon as we find out all these were fake, we start to believe in magic of love and feelings and soul-mates...we even invent ones when they do not exist...but the truth is...our mind is the only miracle!

We create our own miracles in which we believe and we give them names like "dreams" or "hopes" or "love" or "children"...from time to time we look back wondering if there is any other miracle left for us on this planet...we dig for it and then go forward...to a new horizon within ourselves...

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