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Thank you, 2013!

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In my culture, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But at the end of every year, I look back what I accomplished during the year and I acknowledge things I am grateful for. And 2013 was quite generous to me.

I am grateful for all the travels and beautiful places I have seen, maybe more than other people could see in a lifetime. At the end of the year I returned to the places I visited 4 years ago and enjoyed seeing them with different eyes, or just being different myself. I would like to consider this as closing cycles and returning to myself.

I am grateful for the friends I have, actually I don't have many, but they are like stars: even in a dark night when you cannot see them, you know they are there ...I am grateful especially that I met few of my schoolmates which I haven't seen in a lifetime and we felt so close like years between have melted away...and I am grateful to my friend from Canada whose efforts to meet me are always admirable. During this year I gave up to false friends, it took me years to understand that no real friend tells lies or half-truth. Although these people are dead for me, I am grateful for the lessons I've learned and especially for the passion for photography I've got...

Welcome 2014! Even with no plans and a lot of financial worries, I am grateful to 2013 to be alive now, I have been given a second life...Maybe my mission is not finished yet, I have to go on sharing the beauty of the world seen through my lens...

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